Alan Shortis


I’m Alan Shortis—a front end developer based in Nottingham. I like CSS more than JavaScript, aesthetics more than data, design systems more than chaos, and accessibility more than exclusion.

Experience and Skills

As a front end developer, I specialise in developing user interfaces in HTML and CSS. But, it being 2020, I also work extensively in JavaScript, using React on a daily basis.

I have been a developer profressionally in some capacity for more than 10 years, though I made my first websites in the late 90s. They were terrible, even by the standards of Geocities.

My preference for front end development is likely connected to me being a design hobbyist who used the internet to show off half baked and derivative ideas. Across my career I have also worked with Classic ASP, PHP, WordPress and SQL in my brief time as an analyst.

I’m currently working for Experian, and have previously worked in higher education, agencies, and retail both as an individual and as part of an agile team.