Months of tinkering that started out as a refresh of styles and turned into a complete rewrite, simplification, and a long list of ideas for the future. A shift in a approach from 'This is all about being a web engineer' to 'This is about whatever I want'.

My small collection of technical posts is gone. I never wrote about anything particularly complex and they were essentially useless. They also end up being a marker of how long it's been since wanting to write about a specific problem.

Removing those posts and retaining daily writing meant MDX could go, and be replaced with a much simpler Markdown parser. Styled Components are gone in favour of CSS modules, mostly because that's what we use at work and I don't want to have to think about it. Everything is TypeScript, no JS bundle, 1.4kb of client JavaScript in the shape of one web component, new colour, new fonts, updated layout but keeping (almost) the same grid. The beginnings of an automated about page, using the last.fm API and sraping Goodreads since they closed their public API (though to be honest, scraping is better than XML).

Why didn't I use Eleventy, or some other lighter static site generator? A few reasons: I don't really like templating languages, I want something tangible to practice TypeScript on rather than a millionth ToDo app, and future features may well take advantage of React for interactivity assuming the complexity to bundle size ratio falls that way.

It's still in progress. The homepage is terrible, it still frames me as a front end developer ahead of anything else, and it's still mostly a home for this dull stream-of-consciousness-brain-dump exercise.

Back to wondering how image upload, storage, and rendering is still so complex.