Humans are very bad at thinking about big numbers. Measurements of space, billions of dollars, periods of time that span generations.

While 30 is not a big number, that being the number of years until I can probably retire is not nice to think about. Can I do another 1,560 Monday morning meetings? Considering my current net worth is essentially zero, early retirement is going to take some kind of exceptional event; begging for mercy from the 15th Tory prime minister who backs AI and puts nothing in place to protect redundant workers, anxious that android-Putin actually launches nukes, stoic resignation at the need to build a bigger Thames barrier to fight sea level rises while still running coal plants, and all before I can afford a house and universal basic income is finally introduced.

Maybe by then I'll have realised my dream of working for the forestry commission, spending my day repairing fences and dry stone walls, until my back finally gives in.