We'll be lucky if I don't bust out crying

Steve Albini died.

There aren't that many people in music that are truly good and ethical. It's a pretty gross industry in many respects, where labels get between artists and their fans to extract money, and huge artists who have been able to use their power and popularity to close that gap will release endless vinyl variants and charge utterly absurd prices for tickets to their shows.

When asked to produce Nirvana's third album, Steve agreed on the condition that he would be paid a flat fee and not accept royalties. Some would see that ethical stand as 'losing' a huge amount of money, but he never believed he had any claim to it in the first place.

Across countless albums, he established a sound that people would strive for but never quite attain. The drum sound in particular was clean but never sterile and this woulc carry into his own bands.

I have a ticket for Shallac, he longest running band, for the beginning of June. While it's a shame this isn't going to happen, I am incredibly lucky to have seen them a couple of times before. Next time I write about a ticket stub, it's clear what I'm going to choose.