If you have recommend a film, TV show, or music to me and I haven't watched or listened yet, please know that it's not because I don't trust your taste or judgement. Far from it.

It's more that I am in a phase of watching or listening to things I know well because doing so is comforting. Somehow, knowing the lines from the next scene helps to alleviate some of the stress of the previous day, or week, or longer.

There are places to visit alone and there are places to visit with someone else. I can't easily define the distinction, but I know that solo New York visits are something that will happen for the foreseeable. That doesn't exclude the possibility of visiting with someone else.

Lisbon or Morocco are places I'd really rather share with someone.

Copenhagen is borderline.

'The customer is always right' is half a quote. It's not supposed to indicate that someone can be a garbage human in your shop or restaurant and you have to smile and nod.

The full quote is: 'The customer is always right in matters of taste'. It's about the customer's preferences, not their behaviour. You can't tell them that the paint they have chosen is ugly or the album is shit; if they like it, they like it. They're right about those things even if you disagree.

F1 is currently not very interesting. While we saw dominance from Lewis and Mercedes, there was still a variety of winners and pole-sitters. While I respect the talent, Max is cruising to victories. It's enough for me to not watch the races and just wait for YouTube highlights.

The off-track drama is much more entertaining at this point. Entertaining and, in the case of Christian Horner, pretty gross. He's holding on to his position so tight that, like an ice cube, it'll just melt unless he loosens his grip a little. Lewis decamping to Ferrari was something, Adrian Newey leaving Red Bull and his move to the red team being all but confirmed might give the long suffering tifosi some release.

Thee Silver Mt Zion Orchestra, The Scala, London, 30th April 2007, £15.00

Seventeen years ago, so I can't remember a great deal about this show. The Scala is a small venue, with the audience being all the up to the stage. I have been a balcony dweller for a while, and this was no different.

This is before the ubiquity of phones, and as such the audience was silent for most of the performance, in particular during BlindBlindBlind where the last few minutes are a cappella. There probably wasn't a dry eye in the room.

If you like music that sounds like it's retelling an apocalypse, this is for you.

Battles - EP C/B EP

Before getting popular with Mirrored, Battles released a pair of EPs that are packaged together here. Released on Warp, it's high quality as you'd expect. I really enjoy this; it's before they added any vocals and a long time before half the band left. There is some chin-stroking pretentiousness to it, which as I have got older I have come to appreciate while also not feeling the need to pretend to like it when it's clearly an experiment that should have been left in the studio.

Recruiters and weird my-job-is-so-deep influencers being awful on LinkedIn is neither new or surprising. Using recent hype-cycle Netflix series as the basis for some bullshit post is common, but for them to be using Baby Reindeer in this way is extremely gross.

The true story of a man's ordeal of stalking and violent sexual assault should not be fodder for engagement.