Albums of 2022

After spending all of 2021 and most of 2022 on Apple Music, I made the switch back to Spotify this November. I wish I'd never left. There is a lot to be said for Spotify's business model and a lot of people claimed they were leaving over Joe Rogan (some of whom posted their Spoify Wrapped a couple of weeks ago) but it's vastly better than Apple Music for providing recommendations. I figure if the difference in royalties paid is absolutely miniscule it's more beneficial for me to use the service that makes me want to listen to more music.

It's because of this move back that the bulk of my newly discovered music has risen sharply at the end of the year. Even with a long gap on use, Spotify started to make great suggestions immediately.

I am going to make a new Playlists section for this site soon, and I've been working on some generative art to make dynamic covers, but in the meantime here is a direct link to my hand-rolled 2022 playlist (which is subject to change) and below are my favourite 10 albums, not ranked: