Spring forward. It may mean lighter evenings (finally) but I could really do without the lost hour of sleep.

Apparently the EU plan to abolish daylight savings time. More Brexit benefits, right?

In the move to digital, I'm losing my preferred aspect ratio of 6:7. With 35mm being the standard and digital following on, 3:2 is what I get out of the new camera by default. It's fine in landscape, but I'll be cropping anything portrait to 3:4.

I had a phase of 1:1 being all I'd shoot, but that was a consequence of using Holga and Bronica medium format cameras. I don't really like that for composition anymore.

Seven random days off across the year, but I have opted out of them at work. This isn't giving up paid time off, it just adds those days to my holiday balance to use how I want.

If I had a family I'd think twice, and enjoy the days off. But as it is, it's better to have the flexibility. Though for a second I forgot that Christmas Day is technically a bank holiday.

When working for HMV, bank holidays were paid at double time. Some genius in payroll would add one day at double time to the pay of everyone that worked, apparently not realising that we were paid for that day anyway. It was an open secret that we were taking home triple time until someone put 2 and 2 together and were good enough with numbers to realise that it makes 4.

Somehow getting to a management position when working for McDonalds, I was in a position where I had to motivate people who didn't give a shit and hated their jobs to try and do good work.

I believed then what I believe now; if you hate your job, do the absolute best you can every day. At least then you can come away from each day feeling good about the work done. Being a mope while doing the job just accentuates the hate for it all.

Photos and pieces of music might be made at different times but get published together, in an album or a photo book. Getting continuity between everything, maybe in sound, colour, contrast and feel, is difficult to achieve.

In some recent photos, changeable light and camera settings made everything look just a little separate despite all depicting time and space in close proximity. I didn't really want to fall into the preset trap, but I do want to make the photos look like they belong.

It's said that the person who loves walking will walk further than the person who loves the destination.

I don't particularly enjoy writing code; I am more focussed on outcomes and the product being built than the syntax that enables it. I have worked with engineers who have the inverse of this opinion, and they are often more skilled than I am at writing code. It's the process that they love.

The balance between the two is the sweet spot.

There is a balance for code abstraction and DRY. Repeating is not always bad. Making things more explicit and readable is far more valuable than saving lines of code.

The compiled code ends up being essentially the same; computers don't read the code you write, humans do. Write for the next engineer or your future self.