New Mac day. The 2019 Intel MacBook Pro is gone. Trying to open a negative scan in Lightroom had the fans spinning, actually editing had horrific latency and occasional crashes from overheating.

I don't think 4 years for a MacBook Pro is great, but that's on me for scrimping on RAM. When I bought it I was only doing pretty lightweight front end dev with a text editor. And it's still very good at that. If the RAM wasn't soldered to the board I could have just upgraded.

I think £1 a day is a reasonable cost, and with the trade-in value I exceeded this easily. Paying for 32GB or RAM might get me closer to 50p.

The doomsday clock is a symbol to indicate how close we are to global catastrophe. Midnight represents doom, and minutes represent proximity. Since its introduction in 1947, it has ranged from 17 minutes in 1991 to just 90 seconds. Yesterday.

There is likely to some bias to the west/north with the decision to move so close to midnight being driven by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, despite so much conflict across the rest of the wold that doesn't get the coverage. This feels different though. Nato countries choosing to provide tanks to Ukraine could be just enough provocation to Putin to go nuclear.

To be closer to midnight than at any point during the cold war is a big deal.

I understand that being in the middle/middle at the cinema is the best place to sit. And arriving early, that's exactly where I parked myself. But What kind of people decide to sit right beside someone who's already there in an otherwise empty room?

To my left, an older couple rustling their popcorn. To my right, a big guy breathing loudly and fidgeting. After a few minutes, I moved to an entirely empty row. Which all could have been avoided if they'd just chosen better in the first place.

Back-to-back meetings that need half-attention are absolutely soul crushing. Paying enough attention to participate in the tiny section that requires input while also trying not to completely waste the semi-idle time is like juggling.

I once worked with someone who would simultaneously complain that they needed to attend ANY meetings and get claim that they never knew what management wanted from them. Meetings are not universally bad, but they can destroy motivation and productivity.

Time to simplify. This is a glorified blog, and the /writing section is ultimately absolutely useless. Nothing there is particularly groundbreaking, nothing there is particularly complex or in need of my input or explanation, and nothing there gets looked at very often.

What it does do, however, is make the entire build of this site much more complex and less portable. The technical posts use MDX which ties me to React, whereas straight up markdown can be rendered pretty much anywhere.

I also really need to finally add a photography section. Much like the daily writing, having photos posted and public and not just hidden away in some private repository is going to motivate me to edit what I have and create something new.

There is a big difference between being depressed and being profoundly sad. I'm not sure which is worse.

I used to occasionally work in a warehouse in Canning Town. A couple of times a year I'd spend a few days processing and organising thousands of DVDs so that when they arrived at the store I worked in it would take much less time to shelve it and be ready to sell.

The closest place for food was a pub. One of those pubs in the middle of an industrial estate that was only open at lunch time and only frequented by factory workers getting drunk before spending the afternoon operating heavy machinery. They had table dancers on Tuesdays.