It's exceptionally cruel that the three of the four best TV shows of the last 10 years (in my opinion; you might not agree and that's ok) are all ending forever this week.

Succession. I watched this today, and it was the perfect culmination of the chaos of the last season. How the lives of all the main characters will play out is alluded to, yet left to interpretation. No irritating loose ends but enough left unsaid so as not to leave you feeling spoon fed.

Barry. It's a shame that Barry hasn't had the mass appeal of Succession. Extraordinarily funny, extraordinarily dark, and the finale that is a perfect satire of Hollywood. Some, including Larry David, felt that it should have ended at the end of season 3. This finale proves that idea wrong.

Ted Lasso. This will be shown on Wednesday, but I'm fairly sure it won't contain anything unexpected. This show is far more about the journey and growth for the entire cast, rather than a series of events that build up to any kind of conclusion. Ted will go home, just as he was always going to.

The fourth show is Better Call Saul. The Breaking Bad spinoff that became better than Breaking Bad ever was. But that's another story.

There is no faster way to feel a deep sense of rage and disbelief than browsing LinkedIn for 10 minutes. The depth of complete bullshit woven into faux-revelatory inspiration-bait is staggering. Being able to take some mundane facet of life and use it to attempt to prove some BUSINESS point requires some next-level ego and narcissism.

If it's not that, it's cherry picking arguments to prove a point, reposting some AI think-piece that boldly claims that certain industries will be killed off, shameless self-promotion that only appeals to the similarly affected, or recruiters openly complaining about candidates.

It all reminds me of the calibre of a lot of the advertising that is shown during Formula 1 broadcasting. Some IT product that doesn't have a consumer market being aimed at business decision makers during what should be downtime, using trite hooks like 'From F1 to Q1'.

I have landed more than one job via LinkedIn, so there is a clear purpose. But the quantity of recruiters who have just ghosted me the moment an offer isn't viable far outweighs the recruiters who genuinely want to place people into the right roles. I have had one job that paid commission, and every one of my co-workers made bad sells to get the cash.

Inspired to clean the house. Inspired to get he car deep cleaned and then inspired to clean it some more because they left a lot of streaks. Inspired to clear out old books. Inspired to throw stuff out that I'll frantically look for in a few weeks.

Inspired to relax before winding down to sleep earlier, as I'm trying to get up earlier. Find a fresh upload from my favourite YouTube photographer who happens to have been shooting in a part of the USA I am visiting later in the year.

Inspired to edit some more of my negatives, at entirely the wrong end of the day.

Good habits propagate good habits. If I eat this bad thing or skip a day of training, it'll make the good food I prepared and ate and the productive gym session less effective.

Bad habits propagate bad habits. If I've eaten poorly and not trained for a few days, one more day won't make any difference.

In both scenarios, it's been many days in a row before you know it.

There is a strange sub-set of people who work in the service industry: waiters, bar staff, and concierges who almost have a contempt for the people they serve if they don't fit a certain criteria.

I experienced it when I was in my 20s and attempted fine dining, and I got it today while getting a drink a hotel bar before catching a train.

Maybe I look more like I belong in a travelodge bar, and that's absolutely fine. It's all the same drinks in a slightly less curated room.

The inside of an airplane bathroom. That off-white-brown-grey plastic finish designed to survive thousands of tired travellers. Who knew it would translate so well into cheap, hyper-efficient hotel filing cabinet rooms for people who have very limited options for expenses?

While I'm fucking around with 3kg dumbbells there is some guy nearby doing a 3ft box just like it's nothing.

Very gymed men lifting my bodyweight while weighing far less than I do. Women looking like a Gym Shark catalogue and only doing glute exercises.

It's best to just look at the floor and do what I need to do.