The year could be quite succinctly summed up by my day today:

  • I got my first mail in three weeks, and among it was an energy bill around 3 times what it was last year
  • I needed to visit the hospital and the wait was 4 hours
  • And, like Christmas, I'll be spending this NYE alone

This has been a dreadful year. I have been really tested, faced burnout, a broken heart, loneliness and poor health. I'm extremely unhappy. I don't tend to do resolutions or see a new year as a new start; I'm too cynical for that. But this time I'm going to put that cynicism aside and use the new number on the calendar to draw a line and hopefully make the year I turn 40 a marked improvement on the year I turned 39.

There has been some good among the bad:

  • I visited Stockholm, New York (twice), Washington DC, and Wales
  • According to Letterboxd I watched 92 films
  • I landed a job at Monzo; a brand I have loved from their beginning
  • Started to take photos again, but I need to get back to the scanning and editing

I'm not quite at the point of proclaiming that 2023 will be amazing, but I am quitely optimistic that things will look up. They have to. I'm not doing 22 again.