I'm not a petrol head. I love my car and I love driving but I am never going to be able to afford a true performance car, I am never going to modify what I have to make it look like one, and I'm never going to buy any Hoonigan merch and do donuts in a Sainsbury's car park.

However, I really like driving skill, scary precision, the Ford RS200, and loud engines. I think this comes down to being a boy and growing up in Essex where a fast Ford was an object of desire. I can see that the wing on a Sierra RS Cosworth looks absurd but given the choice between that and any Ferrari or Lambourghini and I know what I'm choosing.

Ken Block taking a 1,400 horsepower Mustang up Pikes Peak, mostly sideways, is one of my most viewed videos on YouTube. The combination of ability and balls required to pull it off is astonishing. It's loud and brash and a little obnoxious and amazing.

His death yesterday in a snowmobile accident is a huge loss. He was a true one-off.