I was Lucky enough to see Edward Hopper's New York at the Whitney museum in New York last week. The bulk of the paintings on display were either of New York or strongly influenced by the five boroughs and they perfectly capture that feeling of isolation and loneliness you can feel there. An emotional divide between people who likely know one another, and a choice to keep to oneself where they do not. Spiralling around each other and occasionally colliding among millions of other people.

The light, colour and composition of Hopper's paintings is always in the back of my mind when I am trying to take photographs. And it's my on-again-off-again habit with the practice of making images that will always prevent me from getting even close to realising what I imagine. I get caught up in the technical details and not the actual production of images with a narrative and a purpose.

I bought the book of the show. I am hoping it will help to push me back towards the camera and finally nail down my process to producing reliable and consistent colour.