Around 11 to 13 years old is when I first started to listen to music I chose, rather than just whatever my parents or sister wanted. And in hindsight, there was some pretty esoteric shit mixed in with the Blur albums. Here's a few:

  • Porno for Pyros - Self Titled. Pretty cool musically, pretty poor lyrically. On the title track Perry Farrell tells us how he got turned on by and jerked off too to what I assume was coverage of the LA riots. I'm pretty this album was a gateway to my 20+ year obsession with Primus.
  • Medeski, Martin, and Wood - Shack Man. Modern, avant-garde jazz-fusion. I get this because it was on one of those listening posts they used to have dotted around HMV and I begged my Dad to buy it for me. I left this in a CD player in a music room at school and when I went to my teacher to ask for it back he was absolutely baffled at why I even owned it.
  • Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction. This one wasn't mine. Someone lent it to my sister who didn't have any interest in it, so I tried it out because I liked the ridiculous cover. It was kind of fun, but it didn't launch me into metal fandom. That came later.