I stared the day reading some conflicting takes on social media. I won't go into what they were related to, but it's remarkable how people can feign outrage to back a pre-existing point of view and then use the same point in opposite direction to back up what they want to try and prove. And it was on a subject that I have absolutely no interest or involvement with.

Social media is so bad for me. It's a difficult situation because I learn so much about my industry from Twitter, but many of the people with good information are either entrenched in politics or they follow people who are which leads the algorithm to bless me with suggested tweets.

All of this before you get to the absolute state of Twitter and its billionaire-baby overlord, and the walled garden of many of the Mastodon instances that are front end focussed that I'd like to be part of. Mastodon is not a good replacement as it lacks the discoverability and potential for reach that grows organically.

I need to switch off from the argument and difficult subjects. I absolutely recognise that being able to do that is a privilege, but my blood pressure can't take much more of this. There is being informed, and there is habitual doom-scrolling that just puts me in a terrible mood and makes me need to write this shit.