What is it with the big microphone in the face of a presenter on content made for video? I can understand the likely origin of this: podcasts that started to be filmed so they could uploaded to YouTube for extra reach. If making a pure audio recording, a big studio quality microphone as close to the mouth as possible is going to get that good sound.

YouTube thumbnails often have the face-of-the-channel looking absolutely SHOCKED (when the title of the video is something like 'we need to drink water') because it gets more clicks. Adverts for clocks and watches are set to 10:10 because it makes the face of the clock look happier. Maybe the big microphone is a similar thing; making the presenter look more professional, authoritative, and authoritative.

Can we at least agree that the person on a work video call with a Shure SM7B in front of their face is a bit much? I don't need to hear you explaining how Jira ruined your day that clearly.