Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall.

Is there a better run of albums by any band? Each one could be rated 10/10 without too much dispute but despite that, it took me years to 'get' The Wall. Details of its production used to bother me; the start of Roger being truly ego-maniacal, session musicians picking up some of the slack, Rick Wright being fired. Putting all the mess and politics aside and getting into the spirit of musical theatre adjacent feel of a lot of the second half, it's a masterpiece.

Another Brick in the Wall might be the worst Pink Floyd song (that doesn't feature a howling dog) but it introduces a motif that is heard throughout the album. The tune that 'We don't need no education' is sung to is this motif repeated twice. It appears later under Gilmour's solo in Hey You, and under the judge's proclamation in The Trial. I've read that it appears many times across the album in different forms but I'm too much of a music-theory dunce to hear it.

I listened to both the studio and live versions today, more than once. I was hit by one of those facts that makes me feel my age: I bought the Live version from HMV in 2000. And that release was closer to the performances of The Wall in the early 80s as today is to the release of the album.