Watching Tetris on Apple TV, the 'true' story of how Tetris came to be and the bitter bidding war around the rights to sell the game. Over dramatised, cheap CGI, and something made to be watched once (probably on a phone) and forgotten about.

Once it was over, I stumbled upon the second season of Little America. This falls into my self-created 'nice' genre of TV. Ted Lasso, Ghosts, and Sex Education also fall into this category. They do not follow a criminal or anti-hero; we see worlds that feel real and relatable and focussed on the good in people.

With the saturation of empty technical exercises labelled 'art' generated by AI, my desire for something real is growing. Are photorealistic portraits of people that came from a text prompt impressive? I suppose so. Do I give a shit about them? Not at all.