Kodak raising film prices again has me looking at digital yet again. The very reason I like to use film is because the image is physically captured. It really exists, created at that precise moment in time. And with so much of our lives being magnetism in a data centre, I like that.

The best camera to own is the one that makes you want to take pictures. Using film adds so much friction: buy the film, don't let it expire in the fridge, load it, don't have half a roll shot when it's time to put it through airport security, disagree with airport security about whether or not it can be scanned, send it off for processing (more money), wait, scan, edit, be disappointed.

Typically I think my ideal camera is something like the Leica M10. It's digital, but completely manual. You keep a lot of the process, but you get instant results and unlimited attempts. Obviously I cannot afford that. So what else is there?