Coronation day. Some union jacks appeared in my neighbourhood, I've seen houses with bunting, and some staff in the supermarket earlier were in some very patriotic fancy dress.

I don't really have a strong opinion on the royals in either direction (apart from believing that Prince Andrew should fuck off forever) but I think people who are excited by and enjoy the ceremonial stuff have every right to feel that way.

But much more importantly, people who have a strong belief that the royal family should not exist and that the cost of the coronation should not come from public funds have every right to peacefully protest.

New laws that allow police to arrest and detain people who intend to protest are terrifying. Multiple people were arrested for carrying signs, and several members of the Westminster night safety team were detained for... carrying rape alarms, which they distribute to women for free.

I absolutely hate what is happening here on stupid island. Our fucked up incompetent government know they're done for, so are stoking the culture war and playing on fear and xenophobia to attract the vote of impressionable people who do not realise they're being fucked.