Senna is regarded by many as the greatest F1 driver of all time. This isn't backed up by statistics, it was down to raw talent and passion for the sport. Throughout the 2010 documentary about him, he notes that he was at his best and happiness when it was pure racing.

The build up to the Miami Grand Prix has featured a Fast and Furious tie-in (because cars), and will.i.am pretending to conduct a small orchestra that was pretending to play, interspersed with cuts of people in vastly expensive hospitality suites sipping Champagne pretending to be interested in racing. There is even fake water in a fake marina in the in-field.

Of course F1 has been a gross display of wealth at times, especially in Monaco (and the helicopter shots from Brazil always manage to accidentally show the slums and poverty that site beyond the fences) but this display of mediocrity in the name of hyper-capitalism just makes me feel a bit weird.