I'm not really into sport. Cycling, F1, some New York Rangers games when I'm in New York, and Snooker when the world championships are on. Never football or rugby or any other American sports. I can happily ignore the World Cup and the Superb Owl.

Despite this, I think I have watched The Last Dance three times through and I rate Moneyball as one of my favourite films. The compressed dramatisation means I get all the romance and emotion of a team working towards a victory without ever needing to see the dozens of games that are mundane and uneventful.

Like social media, it's a highlight reel of the good things. That person posting apparently endless holidays and purchases is curating their image carefully and hiding the boring days, the bad days, and the aspects of their life that are hard and unenviable. You can't edit your own life experience, so making comparisons is only going to lead to bad feelings.