The proliferation of TikToks/Reels/Shorts of people on their bullshit isn't necessarily an entirely new thing. There has always been a flood of deluded people who think they deserve fame and attention flooding to Los Angeles where they are certain that they'll make it, and they were only the people with the will and resources to actually go and try it.

Now there are tools that let people do their bullshit and get all the attention from a vast number of people almost instantly. Validation in any form, including the most fucked up version: rage bait. People film themselves being extremely shitty (deleting their boyfriend's entire progress in a game, throwing away an ice cream that they just handed to their kid, destroying a house of cards or a jigsaw the moment some victim finishes) just to get a reaction Whether it's someone complementing your fit or venting their anger at your shit attitude, engagement is engagement and it's all part of the quest for attention.

That little hit of dopamine has evolved from a red light on an answering machine, an email, a friend request on MySpace, a like on an Instagram post, to as much engagement as possible of any kind at any time.