With Apple entering the AR headset world, they're going to become much more richly developed and adopted. I don't think an immersive computer-hat is something I'm likely to ever use but how many years until they're commonplace? How many years until holding an iPhone is like dialling a rotary phone?

At the most extreme end of the paranoia scale it feels like the next step in voluntarily putting ourselves in the Matrix. Synthetic experiences, a plastic version of nature while the production of such experiences accelerate climate change. Even the most rational outcome is still a deeper disconnection from reality, with part of the promotional video showing a man, alone in his dimly lit house, looking at videos of his daughters with a grin/grimace on his face. It all just seemed very sad.

Using spacial computing to replace physical screens is the closest thing to an appealing feature, but to then need cameras to see beyond the artificial reality and a screen to replicate the wearers eyes looking out is just too dystopian. And who wants to strap their job to their face?