TOOL have announced a US/Canadian tour for later in the year, and via the only authorised seller, Ticketmaster, the lowest price I saw was CN$350, which is a little over £200. The last time I saw TOOL back in 2007, the price was £29 in a venue that holds around 75% fewer people. Same venue in 2001: £15.

It's a vast increase, and most big tours also have a VIP tier, which ranges all the way up to $900 for this TOOL tour. You get better seats, you get to hear some of sound check, and you get some merch. Most of those added benefits cost the promotor or band a penny.

In a particularly deep session of doom scrolling I found a lot of videos of people filming themselves at Beyoncé and Taylor Swift shows. The stage wasn't even in shot. Obviously people enjoy things in different ways but I really wouldn't want to spend that much to be among people treating it as content for TikTok and not being present.