Fight Club. Great movie and book, but much like American Psycho, very easy for people to misinterpret and adopt as a pillar of their personality. You cannot live like Tyler Durden. The violence perpetuated by Patrick Bateman is a metaphor. His obsessive nature is not something to aspire to, even if that aspiration doesn't actually surface in the real world and only behind the anonymity of the internet.

Buried in the texts are passages that can be poignant when divorced from the context of the story. Tyler Durden's 'The things you own end up owning you' is extremely true. Buying products and distractions as a surrogate for genuine happiness and self respect is hole I have fallen into many times. And honestly, I'm in there now and I can't find the ladder.

Take what you can from these books, but don't hold up these anti-heroes as heroes. Like Walter White and Tony Soprano, the story is designed to convince you to root for them even though they're clearly and objectively very bad.