I used to get Sunday dread pretty often but managed to turn that around by, ironically, doing around an hour of work on a Sunday. It removed that unknown from a Monday morning and allowed me to just pick up where I'd left off.

This is a Sunday dread of a different flavour. I have a week off work, and while I almost always like to travel when I have time off work I am going nowhere this week. I don't even have any plans. With three big trips in three consecutive months later in the year, I need to stay frugal for a while.

I've already looked at cheap flights. I've already looked at last minute hotels a driving distance away. And I have managed to not proceed with knee-jerk plans.

I noted down some things I would like to get done. Some of them are chores (gym, fix the car) some of them are things I just haven't wanted to do around a full work week (finally get photos up on this website, make the best of some alternate social networks). So that itch to fly away somewhere isn't just because I like to travel, it's just easier than doing the things I have already been putting off.