Being a TOOL fan isn't quite embarrassing, but there is definitely some reason to be ashamed when you look at the way some fans are.

They're undoubtedly my favourite band right now. It's been Pink Floyd forever, and was Primus for around 20 years, but they have fallen out of favour recently. The only artist that comes close in terms of hours listened in the last year is Emma Ruth Rundle and my ears don't wan't to hear any hip hop at the moment for some reason

Looking at reddit, you'll find a dozen posts a week about the best songs to listen to while on shrooms, proposals for better track orders for each album, and naive breakdowns of the mathematics behind arrangements. It's exhausting.

And yet, I'm travelling to see them perform later this year. Some 22 years after first seeing them at Ozzfest.

Here's a TOOL song that isn't about anything spiritual, mathematical, or harbours any deep meaning whatsoever. One of their most straight-up arrangements despite alternating between 5/8, 6/8, and 8/8. Oh no... I sound like one of them.