When researching a particular car, you'll inevitably find some YouTube channel where some takes a nice car and makes it progressively worse by modifying it. A big exhaust on a small engine, some carbon fibre effect parts, lowered, tinted, maybe even a steering wheel with LEDs in it if they're especially deranged. I saw one recently where someone remapped their engine to squeeze some more horses from the stable, only to almost immediately have a dashboard covered in warning lights and a quote for a rebuild.

My modifications are a little more telling of my advancing age:

  1. I collect Nectar points because they can be converted into airmiles. The barcode for my nectar card now lives in my phone, and getting my phone out on the forecourt has led to being told off over the tannoy. They'll send a physical card if you like, but that seems a bit wasteful. Solution: Make and print a new barcode and stick it to the back of the key fob.
  2. I'll take any excuse to make an embossed Dymo label, and with the new vehicle taking petrol and the old being diesel a red sticker to help me remember not to make a very expensive mistake lives on the filler cap.

The only mod I have seriously considered is a black sun strip, both to block the sun and to make the car look a little meaner. However, it's pretty clear that it'll also block traffic lights at some junctions which will lead to someone honking and me stalling as a faff around in a fluster. Very mean.