In my effort to fulfil every single fucking stereotype... Today I listened back over some demos and recordings of a band I was in at the start of the 2000s. At the time, and maybe even up until a couple of hours ago, I thought we were actually pretty good. We were doing something a bit different, and with some honing we could probably put together something worth listening to.

Yeah, no. With the years that have gone by and my vastly improved ear, I could hear that we didn't get anywhere for a reason. We managed to take influence from the bands we liked at the time without bringing any of the quality to the surface. We managed to use the exact same progressions and phrasing in more than one place. And we really needed someone to tell to stop trying to be so clever.

In my head, playing drums was possibly the one thing I could have done at a high level. I now realise that I was much further away from that kind of acclaim that I realised.

There is one other recording I worked on that launched the career of someone now pretty well known. I'm not going to listen to that one.