After a weird outburst on the woke/liberal/some-other-boogeyman at the barbershop I prefer, I tried a new barber.

Ok. Bear in mind that this man knows nothing about me. We have never met or had a conversation. These are the subjects he launches into:

  • 'I can't understand Jamaicans'
  • Vegans bad
  • Somehow combining veganism to the potato famine. I can't remember how
  • Alex Jones, Andrew Tate, Russell Brand, and Trump 'are all right a lot of the time'
  • 'Yeah, the tories are bad but Labour are worse'
  • 'I have an idea for a dating app. It's for people with HIV. It's not like they can spread it, right?'

The only good aspect of this haircut is that he got it done in 20 minutes. As it was my first visit he handed me a loyalty card and I really enjoyed telling him I didn't need it. I just wonder if he pondered on the reason why for half a second.