Red Dead Redemption II spoilers

I'm not a gamer, but I rate Red Dead Redemption II as one of the finest pieces of entertainment, of any kind, there is. GTA is fun, in a fast cars and violence sort of way, and while RDR has fast horses and violence, it also has a protagonist in Arthur who truly grows throughout the game.

I finished the main story today, and Arthur's death was actually heartbreaking. As an outlaw and a genuinely bad person, he becomes more and more selfless following his diagnosis of TB and gradual realisation that his gang leader and the gang's practices are not right.

It's rare to spend such a long time with a character. The game continues, with our protagonist becoming John Marston. The epilogue focuses on John's struggle to go straight after the gang has dissolved and he's trying to provide for his wife and child. And it's touching, but I still wish I could have spent more time as Arthur.