Big projects: I'm supposed to building a photography section for this site, working over my film scans, and trying to pan for the gold that might be in there but probably isn't. Gym is a distant memory again. Writing is very slipping. I'm very slipping. Who am I?

And also: Sold my camera, been consistently disappointed with the results because I don't have the skill to get the colour out of the photographs that is supposed to be there with this specific stock. Also: film is very expensive and being bad at things feels bad because I spend most of the time feeling bad at things.

But also: I'm currently working on parking in every space in the car park of the supermarket I visit. Alphabetising and cataloging my modest-but-big-enough-to-be-a-time-hole collection of vinyl. Perfecting the perfect chicken breast but filling the kitchen with smoke AND ending up with some scary pink chicken. 'Maybe I want a nice lighter'. 'Maybe cigars are interesting?'. 'Mechanical watches are really cool; I like things that don't use batteries'. 'Can I find every herb in Red Dead Redemption?'. This is a GOOD USE OF TIME.

And why: Work hours: 09 to 17. Inspired hours: 21 to 00. What is sleep anyway. Shut up.