We've been spoiled this year:

  • Succession: Highly spoiled as it was, it became true event-TV without being watered down.
  • Barry. The perfect blend of funny, dark, and surreal.
  • Ted Lasso: While not something I'd ever re-watch, it was a show that embodied kindness as the wave of empathy from the lockdowns finally broke and rolled back.
  • The Bear. This show is as close to perfect as I have seen. While shows I hold up and 'best ever' begin to sage and lose their edge, this is absolutely blown me away. It has a very good heart, under the chaos and shouting.

I haven't watched I'm a Virgo yet, but it's Boots Riley so

I can't not mention Atlanta, despite it wrapping up last year. I somehow managed to miss its release entirely, so I saw it this year and it's on the same level as The Bear. I feel every episode rather than just watch.