I have a few LPs that came from charity shops, and more than one has the name of the original owner written on it. The same can be seen on a few of my Dad's records, except he used dymo labels (a characteristic I have inherited).

Before streaming, torrenting, Napster and Limewire, music came from a shop, and the music you physically owned was the sum total of your listening options. You might borrow something from a friend to put on tape, but they really wanted to be sure they'd get it back. One lost record can make up a good percentage of a total collection.

I know of at least one record in my collection that I only have because a friend of someone I shared a house with who owned turntables bought it round for a house party and left it behind. No one could remember who bought it, no one else wanted it, so it joined my collection. I moved, and it came with me.

Sorry, whoever you were, that you're down a copy of Dummy by Portishead. You should have put your name on it.