Not long ago there were open arguments on Twitter (pre-X, pre-implosion) with TypeScript faithful falling out with CSS nerds, with both sides being pretty wrong in a variety of ways. Just another example of how in this stupid career I have accidentally landed in there is a perpetual undercurrent of reinvention in ways that don't make a single thing better for end users.

TypeScript helps to make better and more reliable products but to me it feels like it's often taught in the wrong way. Trying to make the complier 'happy' rather than seeing the type system as providing guard rails, and having strong types is probably a bit over kill for a shitty blog or one-person team building simple websites.

CSS is ever evolving and is more powerful than ever, and the people trying to engineer their way out of ever needing to write any styles can be pretty hard to take. But also, so many of the new features are solving edge-cases, or issues that can be solved by rendering content a little differently.

It's the binary of TYPESCRIPT BAD CSS GOOD (or vice versa) that's so incredibly boring to me. There are shades of grey here. And in most places.

CSS is introducing type safety via @property and I'm curious how some of the previously contrary and loud type detractors are going to back-flip their way to loving this feature because it's in CSS now.

Maybe it'll be just the right gateway drug for the type-averse to start seeing the benefits at the same time as recognising the drawbacks. Web engineering is a dozen racoons in an overcoat.