My previous job was with GCN (well, not really but we'll get to that) was not perfect, but I enjoyed working on a public facing product that made live pro cycling available to more people than ever before. It was an inexpensive annual subscription and it carried no additional advertising.

GCN was a brand of a company called Play Sports Network, which was a part of Eurosport, which was a part of Discovery, which all sits under the umbrella of WarnerMedia. That much layering made some work more difficult than it needed to be because things needed approval or awareness at multiple levels.

The bigger danger of this organisation came true today: GCN+ (the streaming service) has been closed down, so that everything it does can be rolled into Discovery+. There hasn't been any news yet on whether smaller races and the library of documentaries will make the jump too; in fact, it's not clear what will happen.

I'm relieved to not be affected by this after leaving, sad for my former colleagues who may be, and disappointed that so much hard work has gone away purely to drive more subscriptions to a service they wouldn't otherwise have looked looked twice at.