I do not have any particular interest in set design, and I do not have any artistic talent to speak of. But I really like aesthetics; for me, art and design is less about concept and communication and more about images that I like the look of. This is probably why I don't tend to like contemporary and performance art.

I once attended a student art show and it included a video of someone sawing the leg off a stool he was sitting (causing him to fall off the stool), and a performance piece that required you to go into a pitch dark room where some torches were aimed at your face while the torch bearers whistled the theme from The Great Escape.

All of this combined could explain why I find the work of Es Devlin so extremely inspiring. Aesthetics are front and centre, the creations are real and tactile, and they're designed to stay with the people who get to experience them firsthand.

Her retrospective show at Cooper Hewitt design museum in New York is hands down the best exhibition I have ever seen. It delivered that familiar but frustrating feeling again; a strong feeling of wanting to make something but not really know what that something is (and not really having the talent to realise it).