Columbo rarely gets the recognition it deserves. A recent list published in Rolling Stone puts the seminal show that ran from 1971 to 2003 at 44.

I don't disagree with the top 5 on that list. The Sopranos deservedly takes the top spot and Seinfeld, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Wire fill the rest of the places. I like all those shows but how is 30 Rock and Orange is the New Black coming in ahead of Columbo?

Columbo takes no pride in his appearance, drives a beaten up old car, and disarms suspects by appearing ignorant, distracted, or just plain stupid. The killer is almost always in the upper classes; rich and powerful, or adjacent to someone who is, carrying a sense of entitlement that makes them think they do can whatever they like and are 'better' than this irritating police detective. They even go as far as to tell him he's wrong, he needs to look elsewhere, and pitch their own theories in the misguided belief that he has no idea what's going on.

Every episode is a great example of how ego ultimately comes before getting extremely found out.