Book review: How They Broke Britain, by James O'Brien.

Like a lot of people my introduction to James O'Brien was through Brexit debates from his radio show. I've become a reasonably regular listener. I don't agree with everything he says, but he is one of the only people I can name who frequently reflects on his past opinions, changes his mind, and owns up.

This book covers various political figures and journalists from the last decade or so and outlines how they have each contributed to the absolute mess we find ourselves in now.

An observation that sums so much up for me, was that at one point we had a Prime Minister (May) who had to pretend to be pro-Brexit and an opposition leader (Corbyn) who had to pretend to be pro-Remain; both having personal views that did not align with their public positions.

Informative and angry-making. I recommend it if you want to know just why things are so fucked.