I like things that don't need batteries. I jumped on the electronic shifting bandwagon when it became a thing in cycling, but now a mechanical shifter pulling a cable is far more appealing; bicycles are supposed to be simple, and small actuators, batteries, and wireless protocols are not that.

I like film cameras because of the physical medium that contains the image. Film cameras of a certain age used electronic parts to expose the film, calculate the exposure, etc. These cheap stamped circuit boards eventually die and are either impossible or extremely expensive to repair. The beauty of a Leica M6 (and earlier) or the Fuji GW medium format range finders is that taking the photo is totally mechanical.

Even at a tiny scale, mechanical items can be repaired and serviced. Vintage watches are a great example. Once cleaned, springs replaced, and lubrication applied, they'll be as good as they day they were produced. The cost to repair a quartz watch is often more than the cost of a new one.