Cycling, then and now.


  • 1× 200+ mile ride
  • 4× 175+ mile ride
  • 60× 100+ mile ride
  • 2× l'Etape du Tour
  • 1× Etape Yorkshire
  • 1× Flanders Sportive
  • 21× HC classified climbs


  • 27 miles eventually
  • Stopped for a rest after 7
  • Absolutely REKT when I got home
  • Still feeling a bit weird now, 5 hours later

Something that correlates with these stats is my general mood and mental health. Then, I had a good memory, clear head, and felt motivated. Now, I can't remember anything, find it hard to think clearly a lot of the time, and it takes real effort to get anything done.

It's not all on me: a pandemic, lockdowns, and a rocky personal life have all led me where I am, but I know I can get back to where I was and beyond.