It's extremely rare that I am moved by 'celebrity' deaths. Everyone was sad and shocked when David Bowie and Robin Williams went because they seem like untouchable constants. Of course they'll always be around. The only lower profile passing that genuinely made me sad was Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys because so much of their work formed my early years of exploring music off piste and he was their creative driving force.

I got into Low very late with the 2011 album C'mon being the first that I knowingly heard and loved. Their later albums being bathed in noise and not afraid to dip into electronics absolutely algined with what I was looking for, and still am. Music you hear with your whole body. To find out by chance this morning that Mimi Parker has died of overian cancer took me aback in an unexpected way. Of course they were going to keep making albums that blew me away, weren't they?