While watching all Paul Thomas Anderson films again, in order, you realise that so many actors return for multiple films in a row. Philip Seymour Hoffman and Daniel Day-Lewis disappear into their characters; while you're looking at a familiar face, you're not seeing them pretending to be someone else.

John C Reilly is great, but it's only really in Magnolia that he comes close to a clear separation. But huge credit to PTA for putting Adam Sandler in Punch-Drunk Love and drawing a truly singular performance.

Hobbies are incompatible with how my brain works. Somehow I end up watching several hours of YouTube videos on City Skylines II (which does not run on a Mac) which leads me to research on a PC that can run it, obvious disappointment because of how fucking absurd gaming PCs look (RGB LEDs are not it), and before too long it's going to cost a fortune to build a pretend city.

Then the words 'pretend city' lead to me considering gaming to be non-productive and that forms with the money into some kind of guilt Voltron.

You'd think that a connection between Chas Hodges (of Chas and Dave) and Eminem (of Eminem) would be either impossible or have a lot of steps, but it's just one.

I Got The by Labi Siffre features Chas on guitar, and was sampled by Dr Dre for My Name Is, for Eminem.

9th November 1993. A Tribe Called Quest release Midnight Marauders, and Wu-Tang Clan release Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). How often to two undeniable classics come out in the same year, let alone the same day? Both albums transcend genre and are as relevant today as they were 30 years ago.

My brain is wired to think that a 30 year old album should be jazz or classic rock, and that an album released in 2003 is recent. Time doesn't make sense.

Three brands of imposter syndrome:

  • You think you're a fraud, but you're not
  • You think you're a fraud, and you are
  • You think you're a fraud, but it's because you don't try hard enough to prove otherwise

Seeing what other people with the same job title as I have, and them clearly nailing it and solving difficult problems. Vs me spending too long thinking about colours and and pixel-pushing in CSS and very rarely reaching for any features of React beyond the most basic of hooks.

I need to get the side projects back in my life. Honestly, how long does it take to put some photography on this website?

Before going to Chicago a few weeks ago, I had an idea in my head of a specific photo I wanted to take. On the L (the Chicago subway is almost entirely elevated so is known as the 'L'), black and white, very wide angle, with the inside of the train car and the passing city both in focus and each taking around half the frame.

I got hold of the lens I needed, spent a little time figuring out the right train and line to take, and the time of day to avoid there being too many people but enough light. It turned out that perfect storm was extremely hard to find, so I had a window to take just two shots. Here is the keeper:

A black and white photo taken at a very wide angle on the Chicago L. The inside of the car is on the left, and a view of the city and the elevated line is on the right of the frame
Chicago, 2023. Leica M6, Voightländer Heliar II 15mm, Kodak T-MAX 3200